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Our line of proven, high quality medical braces includes both sports braces designed to prevent injury and orthopedic braces designed to support existing conditions. There is a complete selection of orthopedic braces and supports for knees, ankles, backs, elbows, wrists and more.
  • Ankle & Foot...
    Ankle Braces and Stirrups for ankle sprains and strains, post cast support, ankle instability. Available in strap-on, wrap-around, inflatable and pneumatic models for full support of ankle injuries. Ankle support for everyday usage and sports activities. Foot Orthosis for Drop Foot, ankle/foot deformities, severe spasticity, or fluctuation edema:
  • Ankle Walker Brace
    Ankle Walkers, Cam Walkers, low top or standard height. Short Leg Walkers for fractures. Tissue injury, sprains, trauma, post-op, ulcers, surgery and rehab. Multiple sizes for custom fit.
  • Night Splints
    Most Night Splints are designed to be worn at night, not for walking around. A night splint with angle adjustment is generally the more desirable since you can change the ankle angle in increments. Night Splints are used for treating Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Drop foot and Post-static pain. Plantar Fasciitis and Drop Foot pain relief:
  • Knee...
    Knee braces for Arthritis, knee injuries or pain, Tendonitis, Jumpers Knee, and any other conditions requiring off-loading to reduce bone contact.
  • Elbow Braces & Supports
  • Wrist-Forearm Splints
    Some people might think that carpal tunnel syndrome is a new condition of the information technology age, born from long hours of computer keyboarding. But carpal tunnel syndrome isn't new. Evidence of people experiencing signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in medical records dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. You might also want to try wearing a wrist splint at night and avoid sleeping on your hands to help ease the pain or numbness in your wrists and hands. The splint should be snug but not tight
  • Back Supports
    Back supports for muscular low back ache, acute strains, chronic low back pain, preventative reasons. Lumbar supports for compression and low back pain relief.
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