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The electric mobility scooter has become an extremely popular piece of equipment in the past few years, providing freedom of movement for a wide variety of individuals who can now transport themselves easily both indoors and out.

  • 3-Wheel Portable Travel


    These 3-wheel portable mobility scooters disassemble to 4-5 pieces and fit in the trunk of just about any compact size automobile trunk. The heaviest piece on most is 30-40 lbs, check the specifications on each scooter for exact weights.

  • 4-Wheel Portable Travel

    4-Wheel Travel Scooters are economical and easy to transport. Each scooter disassembles easily and fits in most automobile trunks. Four wheels offer greater stability and user confidence. Although primarily designed with outdoor mobility in mind, scooters will work indoors, but may require more turning room for maneuvering through the home. Driving range varies with battery size and user weight, but most can go at least 8 miles on a full charge.

  • 3-Wheel Full Size
    These 3-wheel mobility scooters have weight capacities from 300-550-lbs. Some even have speeds up to 8-mph for great outdoor performance. Smaller, more compact models for indoor/outdoor use have a small turning radius and swivel seats.
  • 4-Wheel Full Size
    These 4-wheel scooters offer safe dependable transportation for where you're going. Modern electronics and sealed Gel batteries mean years of trouble free mobility. Our 4-wheel scooters have great indoor maneuverability, real outdoor performance, and powerful enough to carry up to 500-lbs.
  • Heavy-Duty
    These heavy-duty scooters are designed to work indoors and out. Available in both 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel versions, various weight capacities up to Bariatric, and driving ranges up to 15 miles per battery charge. Users must be able to operate these vehicles by steering with handlebars and using a thumb operated throttle/brake. In addition, users must be capable of sitting upright in the seat.
  • Accessories
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