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Any company can offer a wheelchair for sale, which happens to be one of our #1 specialties, but not many can say they feature only the best quality mobility equipment on the market and at prices so affordable it's what the other guys charge for run-of-the-mill units. Whether you need a wheelchair for just getting around or a "chair on wheels" fo...

Any company can offer a wheelchair for sale, which happens to be one of our #1 specialties, but not many can say they feature only the best quality mobility equipment on the market and at prices so affordable it's what the other guys charge for run-of-the-mill units. Whether you need a wheelchair for just getting around or a "chair on wheels" for shower or commode use, we've got what you want. You'll find wheelchair models here from the top manufacturers in the industry, including companies such as: Breezy, Invacare, Nova, Everest & Jennings, Drive Medical, Karman, Quickie and more.

We also carry a full line of wheelchair accessories like seat cushions, backs, seats, seat belts, carry packs, back packs and a variety of foot supports and assemblies. Whether you require a top-name self-propelled wheelchair or an accessory like a universal carry bag for your D- or E-type oxygen cylinders, we've got it.

  • Power Wheelchairs
    Travel and Folding Power Wheelchairs are shipped in their folded position and may have the joystick disconnected for shipping. Some Power Base Chairs are shipped with the seat removed which is easily installed. More complicated rehab-style power wheelchairs may require a representative present for setup and/or training.
  • Transport Wheelchairs

    Transport chairs are also called "Companion Chairs" because they have smaller caster wheels and your "companion" will push from behind. Some riders can scoot the chair with their feet to maneuver around the home, we call that self-propelling. if you plan on self-propelling be sure to check the seat-to-floor height and make sure your feet will be on the ground. Regardless, these are the chairs of choice for taking someone out shopping, dinner, doctor's office, etc. They all fold and most have a fold-down back that makes for easy storage and will fit in any automobile trunk.

  • Standard Wheelchairs

    Standard weight, folding wheelchairs are constructed with high-strength steel or aluminum. Standard chairs can weigh between 35-50 lbs. and most have a maximum weight capacity of between 250-450 lbs. For 350-500 lbs. weight capacity see Heavy Duty Wheelchairs.

  • Lightweight Wheelchairs

    Lightweight wheelchairs weigh 28 - 36 lbs. You'll find that each additional pound of weight savings has a dollar value attached to it. The most popular chairs weigh about 33 lbs, they work well and are easier on the pocketbook. Lightweight folding wheelchairs are available in a variety of sizes, some offer color choices, footrest, legrest and arm style choices. These lightweight chairs are all folding chairs and will fit in the trunk or backseat of most cars.

  • Folding Ultra Light

    Unique designs for increased stability, ergonomics and maximum performance. This Ultra-Lightweight category is as light as they get for folding wheelchairs. Lightweight, high-strength alloys like aluminum and titanium for frame design, more wheel and tire options for weight savings, performance and sporty eye appeal. Chair weight ranges of 25-30 lbs with folding frame. You'll appreciate the features and usability of these ultra lightweight wheelchairs designed for a active lifestyle. Wheel and tire selections, folding frames, colors, and customizable sizing let you build a chair just for you

  • Rigid Ultra Light
    Non-Folding Chairs Most Rigid Wheelchairs have fold-down backs and removable rear wheels. These ultra-lightweight chairs offer complete customization and personalization. Titanium is the metal of choice for riders with an active lifestyle. Since these chairs are built-to-order, delivery time is 2-3 weeks.
  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs
    Heavy-duty chairs offer wider seat widths and weight capacity up to 500-lbs. These are folding wheelchairs, shipped assembled ready to use right out of the box.
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
    Bariatric Wheelchairs have 600-1000-lbs weight capacities and are available in a variety of seat sizes and frame types. Bariatric chairs with features such as optional armrest type, footrest type and adjustable seat-to-floor heights.
  • Recliner Wheelchairs

    Reclining wheelchairs are available in standard folding frames with extended head supports and seat widths up to 24" wide. The recline mechanism is attendant operated with levers much like a bicycle brake lever. The levers operate hydraulic (pump) mechanisms for a smooth adjustment. Using this reclining mechanism, the chair back can easily and frequently be positioned to any angle. Flexible Back Positioning:

    The Reclining chairs offer unlimited back re-positioning for more patient comfort, better blood circulation, and to aid in sleeping. Work best with ELRs: Recliner Wheelchairs work better with Elevating Legrest so patients legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort. On some chairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories when purchasing a Recliner Chair. Only the Back moves: On recliner wheelchairs the back reclines but the seat bottom stays in-place. The Invacare HTR Series Tilt and Recline Wheelchair (also called Uni-Recliner) is an example of a Tilt-n-Space Chair in which the seat bottom rotates as well as a reclining back. Reclining Wheelchairs to choose from:

  • Tilt Wheelchairs
    Tilt-in-space simply means the patient is rotated instead of reclined. A Tilt Wheelchair (Tilt-in-Space) actually rotates the seat and back in place and permits the patient to maintain eye contact with others. A simple Recliner Wheelchair leaves the patient gazing at the ceiling as the back is lowered.
  • Pediatric Wheelchairs
    The Zippie TS features a 45-degree tilting seat frame. This is an ideal system for pediatric patients who require multiple tilt angles for pressure relief, digestion and fixed seat positions.
  • Geri-Chairs
    Geri-Chair Recliners (Geriatric Chairs) reduce pressure, preserve independence and improve the quality of life for the patient. When a patient requires greater positioning support than a wheelchair can provide, Geriatric recliners provide the solution. Geriatric recliners are ideal for a range of long-term care and clinical seating applications. They’re rugged, easy-to-clean and perform a variety of functions safely and effectively, making them an outstanding choice for the patient. Homecare applications. Exceptional comfort and durability for day room or resident room environments. Clinical applications. Geri Chairs and Clinical Recliners are perfect for clinical settings such as dialysis, chemotherapy, OB/GYN clinics, Same Day Surgery, Post-Operative Care, Outpatient Care, Blood Collection, Ophthalmology and Cardiac Care.
  • Shower-Commode Chair

    Mobile shower chairs are designed for safe transport to and from the shower. Aluminum frames and stainless steel hardware that are rust-resistant, making them ideal for use in the shower. These Rehab chairs fit over most standard and elongated bowls for over-the-toilet use as well. Shower Commode Chairs are available with caster wheels or combination caster and full size (24") rear wheels for self-propelling. Rehab shower commode chairs offer several styles of seats, drop-arms, footrests, and removable pails and splash guards for easy cleanup.

  • Wheelchair Cushions

    Wheelchair cushions are available in: Foam, multi-density Foam is the most basic kind of cushion, usually about 2" thick. These "basic" cushions are good for wheelchair users that are at low risk of developing pressure sores. Gel, usually a Gel pad or surface on top of a foam cushion. Gel-cushions are used for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown. Air, used for wound therapy, stage 2 or higher pressure ulcers. These "Air" cushions, such as the ROHO, offer customizable support and are available in a variety of cushion types.

  • Wheelchair Backs
  • Wheelchair Accessories
  • Transfer Boards
    For those confined to a wheelchair, one of the most difficult mobility issues is moving to and from the chair to an automobile, bath or bed. A transfer board or transfer bench can make all the difference in the world, as far as facilitating easy transfers. And some of the models, like the DMI 8" X 27.5" white plastic patient transfer board, are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use, clean, durable and will hold weights of up to 500 pounds. A sliding transfer board, like those offered from Eagle Health, Snap N Save and Drive Medical, make the job even easier. These units have legs that can adjust to your height and fold up for easy storage or transport. They can also be easily configured to either right-hand or left-hand tub setups. For extra strength and weight capacity of up to 600 pounds, a Bariatric wheelchair transfer board is a great choice.