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Travel and Folding Power Wheelchairs are shipped in their folded position and may have the joystick disconnected for shipping. Some Power Base Chairs are shipped with the seat removed which is easily installed. More complicated rehab-style power wheelchairs may require a representative present for setup and/or training.
  • Compact Chairs
    These compact power chairs disassemble for transport and quickly re-assemble. Some power chairs fold-up for easy traveling. However, be sure to check the specifications regarding the heaviest piece for loading into automobiles. The base of the chair is usually the heaviest piece and can weigh up to 75-lbs. depending on the manufacturer and model.
  • Folding Portable
    Power Chairs with folding frames are still fairly heavy to lift. The Battery Box is removable so the chair is lighter and easier to lift into a vehicle.
  • Power Base/Mid-Wheel...
    Great performing Power-Base Chairs from Merits, Quickie, Guardian, Invacare, Pride Jazzy and more. Power Chairs offer performance, reliability and excellent maneuverability. Smaller footprints and advanced electronics make this the most popular category of power wheelchairs. Comfortable padded swivel Van seats are the norm for these chairs. Some are pretty fast, up to 6 mph. With today's battery technology some chair-battery combinations can even run up to 20 miles on a charge.
  • Standard Base
    Faster, more powerful chairs with high torque motors and state-of-the-art electronics. Speeds up to 6 mph are not uncommon on these chairs and they also provide the power required to handle tough obstacles. The tightest possible turning radius comes from a True Center-Wheel Drive chassis. Excellent maneuverability and an intuitive driving experience.
  • Heavy-Duty
    Heavy-Duty, Bariatric Power Chairs offer additional weight capacities, up to 600-lbs. Heavy duty power chairs offer comfortable padded Van seats and an array of accessories.
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