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CVI MEDICAL has been providing durable medical equipment to our elderly, disabled and otherwise physically challenged patients for over 20 years.  We understand this population and their needs for in-home independence.

We have assisted tens of thousands of patients and their caregivers with durable medical equipment and we can now offer assistive technology to complement and enhance these items. In a joint venture with CVI Medical of Florida, we have developed a voice activated product that can allow our patients to use smart home technology to automate their capabilities that have been lost due to injury, illness, or aging. We provide the technology to assist them and thus support our mission to help them to "reclaim their independence’” and to continue to reside safely in their residence. 

 The product is the HomeSmart Assistant (

The Homesmart Assistant is based on three layers – Security, Environment and Entertainment.


  • Two-way audio/video camera monitor system that allows our patient/caregiver to see and talk to visitors at your door from a smart phone, tablet or video device from Amazon or Google.
  • Automatic door opener that can be opened with a voice command.
  • In-home monitors that provide video chatting to anyone in your smart phone contact list.
  • Handicap accessible electronic keypad to grant access to your home to family, caregivers and other trusted individuals.


  • Change the temperature by talking to your thermostat.
  • Turn on and off ceiling fans with your voice to include speeding them up or down and turning on and off the light.
  • Turn on and off any device that has an on/off switch such as lamps, floor fans, floor heaters.


  • Control you TV by telling it to turn on or off, change channels and raise or lower the volume.


Being able to change the temperature at night is huge. I no longer have to have my sister come over to turn on a fan when I am overheated. She loves the system.

Kris L (SCI)

 My wife can no longer speak but we hooked up the Tobli Dynavox to the HomeSmart Assistant and she can control her environment again.

Husband of Sara K (suffering from ALS)

I ‘drop in’ for video chats on an Alexa Show every day with my 90 year old mother who still lives by herself in the house my dad built in 1953. She has difficulties with using Facetime on her iPhone, but she is great at saying ‘Alexa, drop in on Mike’. And when I ‘drop in’ on mom, she of course just says “How is the best son in the whole wide world!!!"

Mike (owner of CVI Medical) son of Betty